John Martin

laughing through grad school
(academic stuff) (hints of life beyond
school and work)
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What I Need...

What I need is noodles
underneath a white sauce
maybe with an artichoke
and garlic roasted in.
Perhaps a glass of wine as well,
served coolly by a waiter.
A linen napkin crisply starched,
unfolded on my thigh.
A bit of Mozart in the air
(Beethoven would be better --
somehow less pretentious,
and softer on the ear).
This would make it all complete:
a pair of eyes to drown in,
set warm across the table
with a hand outstretched to mine.
And maybe they belong to you,
lent out just for the evening
or night, or week, or half a life,
(and noodles on the side).


-john martin 1999