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So, I made this calendar...

I got the idea from my friend Brian, who did it with a 35mm in 1995. At the end of 2003 I got a new digital camera, so I decided to try it myself for 2004. Is it Art or Navel Gazing? Is there a difference? Art is often considered an externalization of inner thoughts/conflicts/workings, and in some respects this does that. The pictures serve as a visual reminder or cue for memories of each day in a way that even a written journal cannot; there's something richer (for me, anyway) about the visual aspect that makes it compelling. Often I'll have multiple pics for a day, but I can look back and recall the reasons for choosing the one I did, and sometimes relive the conflict of it. It's a visual journal.

January 2004 (340k)
February 2004 (250k)
March 2004 (250k)
April 2004 (267k)
May 2004(243k)

June 2004(264k)
July 2004(265k)
August 2004 (273k)
September 2004
October 2004(289k)
November 2004 (217k)

so now what?