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Place-Based Inquiry: Why a Web-based game editor?

This is a followup presentation to the Place-Based Inquiry Quicktime interactive presentation I posted yesterday. In this presentation I take a "medium-grain" focus on place-based handheld games, by considering the projects that already underway, and looking to them to provide reasons to make the game editor web-based and accessible.

Here again, I ask/beg/plead for a web-based (AJAX?) version of the River City Game Editor. I wonder what it would take to convert or rewrite it? While the big picture is to make it accessible/playable through web-enabled handhelds, a nearer and equally compelling idea is to bring the creation tools for the games to the web, so that we can have students work on their own games from any internet connection thaty have, without needing to know how to work with the XML code.