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Embodiment: Independent Reading

In Spring 2005, I did a "Group Independent Reading" with Mitchell Nathan and a few Math Ed folks through the Educational Psychology department. The previous semester Mitch taught (and the others in the group took) a class on embodiment in Math Education. Since that's not my area of research, it didn't show up on my radar screen of potential classes, although apparently they covered some interesting stuff (from a slightly different angle than I'd take it though).

Since my goals are not the same as math folks, the things I found interesting were not always the same as what they found interesting. Likewise, our epistemic frames are considerably different. Still, it was interesting and informative.Basically, what I did was:

  1. Examine the role of embodiment in my research
  2. Create a reading list in the order I thought I might read the articles
  3. Wildly adjust (and recreate) a final list based on better, discovered information.
  4. Take notes on the readings, and on my thoughts about embodiment. These I blogged, and have since copied to the following pages here:

For the record, at this time in my ever-shifting research, my interests are in Identity and Embodiment in Community Discourse, Adventure/Outdoor Education, through Design-Based Research using technology tools such as video games and computers)