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The Identity Star

Ever since I attended a fantastic session at the 2004 AERA conference, I haven't been able to stop thinking about a model/metaphor of human identity that incorporates personal agency, socio-cultural influence, and environmental factors into the construction of the self. I don't know how original it is because I've been trying to finish my masters, and haven't had time to research what's already out there in terms of identity theories.

I call it "The Identity Star" and so far, it seems to make sense to me to use the star metaphor, although I don't know enough about astrophysics to know how soon that metaphor will break down. I do know that who we see ourselves as plays a huge role in what we know, and how we act and interact -- big issues in education.

I apologize up front for not researching whose theories are incorporated in it. So far, I'm honestly only aware of Brian Massumi's and Elizabeth Ellsworth's -- and I'm pretty sure I have their ideas wrong, and have branched out in directions they wouldn't want to claim ownership of.

Naturally, I'm very interested in getting feedback on it, and developing it. I hope to expand and fine-tune my thoughts on it further as I move through the PhD program.